Across The Province Runner Sprints Into Drayton Valley

runner DV sign

Ian Aman poses in-front of the “Welcome to Drayton Valley” sign off Highway 22. Photo Courtesy Sasha Aman 

A man vying to run across the province in 60 days sprinted through Drayton Valley on Wednesday, all in the name of promoting mental health awareness.

Ian Aman, an ultra marathoner, started his run on July 1st on the Alberta-Northwest Territories border, and has been making his way south through the province ever since. He said he liked the challenge of the physical component, and wanted to raise mental awareness and mental health.

When faced with adverse weather, heavy traffic along the way or his legs “feeling trashed” after running 30 kilometers every day, Aman says that he keeps in mind that he started the 1,600 kilometer long journey to show people to keep going, to have that tenacity to push themselves.


Aman running into Drayton Valley. Photo Courtesy Sasha Aman

Aman running into Drayton Valley. Photo Courtesy Sasha Aman


Aman says biggest payoff is to hear people’s stories, having had people come up to him and share their personal journeys with him. Due to the oil slump and natural disasters the province has seen in the past couple of years, he says that it is important to have an open discussion about mental health, adding “We talk about being hurt physically, but mentally sometimes people hide that.”

He expects to arrive at the Coutts-U.S. border on August 29th. His goal is to raise $20,000 for the Canadian Mental Health Association, and is currently sitting at $4,300 in amounts raised.

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