Milestone Celebrated By Drayton Valley Nurses


(From left to right:) Home Care and Registered Nurse Bernie Bredin, CARNA’s Northeast Region Provincial Councillor Jeannie Hare, Deputy Mayor Debra Bossert, Alberta Health Services Area Director Lyle Grant, Registered Nurse and Care Manager for Long Term Care Dena Enyedy.

The College and Association of Registered Nurses of Alberta (CARNA) is traveling throughout the province celebrating 100 years of registered nursing in Alberta, and stopped by the Drayton Valley Hospital and Care Centre with a historical display on July 11th.

CARNA’s Northeast Region Provincial Councillor, Jeannie Hare, praised the work that registered nurses do in the community as well as across the province, calling nurses “The backbone of the health care system. With over 37,000 of us in Alberta, it’s the biggest health care profession.”

Hare also said that although being a nurse can be difficult work, it’s also a rewarding occupation. “The best part is the patient interaction, and job satisfaction. Just helping people, most RN’s you’ll find the nurturing personality come right out of them while at work.”

The Drayton Valley hospital was opened in 1957, the same year Drayton Valley was officially incorporated as a town. Before that there was an Anglican mission house with a first aid station that was erected in 1936.



CARNA Northeast Region Provincial Councillor Jeannie Hare introducing Deputy Mayor Debra Bossert

Deputy Mayor Debra Bossert was on hand for the event as well, and she thanked the nurses of Drayton Valley.

“The role of nurses in this community has evolved, the town is almost 60 years old as is this hospital. The women and men who have worked here have put their heart and soul into our community. Nurses are always the most charismatic and gentle to people who very well may be in some of their scariest moments.”

The tour of 33 hospitals in the province by CARNA began in May, and will conclude in the Fort McMurray district.

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