Mayor Receives Threatening Email Over Photo Radar Operations



Drayton Valley Mayor Glenn McLean revealed at Wednesday’s Town Council meeting that on July 8th he had received a threatening anonymous email that was not only directed at him and the council members, but all town employees over the distribution of photo radar tickets.

The email contained messages that people “will be watching the councillors and the mayor, our eyes will be on you.” Drayton Valley RCMP Staff Sergeant Malcolm Calihoo suggested that council “Be vigilant, and watch your surroundings” in response to the email.

Mayor McLean acknowledged a sense of frustration in certain areas, but commented that “Everyone has the right to go about their day and their lives without the worry of being stalked.”

Councillor Nicole Nadeau voiced her frustration with the email, saying that it bothered her. “All of us that are on council have children, it is never okay to lay threats on social media, it put’s us all in danger. I am disgusted someone would do something like this, it is unacceptable.”

Councillor Dean Shular jumped on board with Nadeau’s statement, putting it quite simply that “If you don’t want a ticket, don’t speed. It is not a cash grab if you obey the law. I have no sympathy for those who break the law.”

The Town of Drayton Valley dictates where the photo radar can be positioned around town, with police having consultation on when tickets will be issued. Corporal Bryan Notheisz says within the past week they have received a number of phone calls with people complaining about photo radar. The complaint of a photo radar vehicle being parked in “dangerous” and “illegal” spots are discredited, because “Those vehicles have almost Peace Officer status, meaning they can legally be parked wherever they need to be.”

As for a photo radar camera being placed into things or not within a vehicle, Notheisz says those are pretty common tactics used in other communities too, relaying “If they were in perfect view and there was a huge sign saying photo radar here, no one would be caught and the problem of speeding wouldn’t be resolved.”


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